Effective processes for smooth operation

Building on years of experience in providing accounting services and implementing innovative business solutions, we ensure efficient and hassle-free business operations. 


Advanced accounting and business solutions for manufacturing companies and traders.

We adapt accounting to your business processes. And optimize them beforehand. We are the first-choice in Slovenia for manufacturing companies, traders, and online shops that do their business worldwide, seek advanced technical assistance, consulting and solutions to managing large inventories and optimizing complex business processes.    

What does 'advanced' mean to us?

Advanced is the way we work and live at Klarena. Advanced means focused on improvement. It is a mindset, approach to work, and the way of solving challenges. It is an ongoing process of learning, adapting, and innovating. We welcome advancements not just because we like progress but because we believe that progress is a key driver of our clients' long-term success.    

Advanced accounting is more than just a service we offer - it is our mission.

We go beyond numbers. We are not just your accountancy providers; we are your partners in the growth of your business.

Why choose Klarena?



We are aware that companies' needs and circumstances are changing and we can quickly adapt our services to your business needs. 



We are an experienced, connected and highly qualified team whose members undergo regular training, keep up to date with technological advances and changes in legislation and are fully committed to delivering the highest standard of services. 



We persist until you, and we, are satisfied. We provide you with reliable, up-to-date and useful data.

When is it time for us to meet? 

When your business has expanded and you and your staff are overwhelmed by the amount of work flowing in. You feel you can no longer stay on top of things. When your business is stuck. 

When you are looking for a concrete solution. When you are no longer able to manage orders from your online store. When you cannot keep track of incoming international payments. When you have lost sight of the cost price of the goods you produce and sell worldwide. When there are more and more mistakes. 

And you have decided it´s time for a change.

Contact us and we'll schedule a phone call for you with our director. In the call, you'll present and discuss the challenges your business is currently facing, and potentially set up a meet-and-greet.
Spoznavni klic
Initial Call
The next step is an in-person meet-and-greet, where we get to know each other and identify your challenges. The meeting will help us determine whether your company can benefit from working with us.
skodelica kave
If the need for collaboration has been established at the meet-and-greet, we schedule an intake session. At the intake, we conduct an in-depth examination of the content, processes and technical aspects of the collaboration, and a thorough description of challenges. This allows us to understand your needs and prepare a non-binding offer.
Strokovni sestanek
Client Intake Meeting
Based on our understanding of your needs, we draw up a non-binding offer that includes our proposed solutions.

 Contact us at: +386 1 514 10 93 / zanimame@klarena.si

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