About us

Experts in optimized business processes. Inventory keepers and your business growth partners.

We are interested in your entire business and all processes associated with it. At Klarena we believe that accounting is a standard and the fundamental pillar of a company, and that it must be a seamless, fuss-free and smooth-running function. We are not a traditional accountancy firm. We become your partner, helping you grow your business. We believe in improvements and in finding solutions at all times.

We have a progressive and pragmatic mindset. We are the engineers of accounting.

We take an engineering approach to accounting. Or, more precisely, a mechanical-engineering approach. Miloš and Karla, the owners of the company, both have a background in mechanical engineering. Their shared passion to implement improvements in accounting has led them into development of accounting technology. That's why we understand robotization and know how crucial automation is for business processes. Our goal is to bring your processes under control, organize and automate them so that your business can run more smoothly. We streamline your operations into a system where all business processes have a clear structure. We always start from inventory, and that is why we are best suited to assist businesses that operate large and complex stock.

At Klarena, we are passionate about solving complex challenges. We are progressive and forward-thinking.

Every new problem or a seemingly impossible situation motivates us to find effective and innovative solutions for our clients. We believe that difficult challenges are actually opportunities for growth and learning, encouraging us to think outside the box. We are aware that complex challenges are an inevitable part of business, and rather than avoiding them, we approach them with courage, passion, and a technical mindset. Our motivation doesn't come from achieving easy victories but from opportunities that demand our complete attention, expertise, and creativity. In the end, our greatest reward is seeing how our solutions help our clients overcome the toughest challenges in business and achieve their business goals.

The forward-thinking Klarena Team

A team of highly skilled professionals dedicated to continuous improvement, unlocking potentials, fostering connections, personal growth, and reliability.

Ours is the best job in the world. Seriously. Everyone at Klarena agrees with that. Who else gets to sit in an office in Ljubljana while traveling from Slovenia to a Germany-based Amazon warehouse, and from there to a private individual in Poland? Taxes make it even more exciting. Germany? Slovenia? Where to submit tax returns? That's why we are glad to work in a team where we can share knowledge, train together, and grow.

Apart from virtual journeys, we love going for actual trips together. We enjoy the views from the nearby Polhov  Gradec Hills, sauerkraut and bean soup (jota in Slovene) at the Triglav Lakes, and sights of the Piran Bay. The best of all, however, are the outings we have after we have submitted all end-of-year reports.



Makes sure that our clients' business runs smoothly.


Ensures that our clients' processes run in the right direction and that all their systems are integrated.


Finds a way to put accounting in order, give it structure and form, no matter how challenging the task.


A conductor and coordinator, Maruša connects and fine-tunes the work.

Karla on partnering for progress

"I firmly believe that what is morally and ethically right will ultimately prove to be good and will indeed happen. The same is true for business and relationships. In the world of business, actions are like a boomerang: what you give is what you will receive. Good is repaid with good, and bad with bad. I follow this principle in my relationship with my employees, customers and other parties. We are all partners striving for mutual progress."


Values driving our growth


Honesty and integrity

Honesty and integrity are our compass.



We strive to meet the expectations of our clients and build strong, trustworthy relationships.



Respect is the foundation of our relationships. We respect others, the environment, and ourselves, in order to build support and collaboration.



We love our work. Our passion inspires us to give our best every day and always find the strength for improvements.

Vision and mission

Klarena is committed to planning and implementing advanced, technically sophisticated, and efficient solutions with its clients, supporting them in advancing their business.

Klarena's vision is to become the first choice for manufacturing companies and online stores in Slovenia seeking expert assistance in inventory management and optimization of complex business processes.