Advanced business solutions

What are advanced solutions?

For us, advanced accouting solutions are the accounting solutions, approaches and knowledge that enhance your business operations.

First, we gain an in-depth understanding of your processes, then we assist you in optimizing and connecting processes to ensure simplified and automated business operations. This way, accounting becomes the foundation of your business, supporting it in a way that allows you to fully focus on growing your business.

Process optimization

Well-organized processes in ordering, procurement, sales, inventory reconciliation, document flow, and payments are the cornerstone of efficient operations. We delve into them and help you identify inefficiencies, discrepancies, errors, and propose improvements. That is where out real work begins. Together with you, we ensure that new processes come to life.

Urejanje procesov

System integration

We lead and oversee the implementation and (API-based) integration of your order-generating websites with your information and accounting software in order to ensure smooth business operations. We assess whether your IT system supports your business and planned growth. If this is not the case, we advise you on choosing an information system that is the best fit for your business, and help you implement it.

Povezovanje API-jev

Training in advanced solutions

Advanced solutions implemented for the purpose of process optimization and system integration come to life when your employees understand them. We make sure they do.

Izobraževanje o naprednih rešitvah

Benefits of intelligent accounting


We can work with various information systems

We can work with various ERP systems (Opal/Oppis, Pantheon, Saop, Minimax, Vasco, Navision, Oddoo, POS Elektročnek, Mikrogram) or learn to use yours.


We automate

We automate business processes related to accounting, increasing data accuracy, reducing execution time, and minimizing the chance of errors.


We connect

We lead projects, connect various stakeholders, ensure efficient communication, and monitor timely execution.


We provide our own infrastructure

Our clients can choose to use the Opal/Oppis accounting software implemented in our cloud.