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What clients benefit most from Klarena's advanced accounting?

We adapt accounting to your business processes, and optimize them beforehand.
​​​​​​​We are the first-choice in Slovenia for manufacturing companies, traders, and online shops that do their business worldwide, seek advanced technical assistance, consulting and solutions to managing large inventories and optimizing complex business processes. 

Manufacturing and trading companies with physical inventory.

> Large enough to require regular monthly reports and analyses.
> Currently expanding or reorganizing their business.
> Planning a business divestiture.
> Restructuring key processes in procurement, development, sales, and logistics.
> Adapting to Industry 4.0 digitalization standards.

Companies selling online.

Online stores selling products or services worldwide through platforms like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Etsy, Shopify, Skillshare, Teachable, and similar:

> Unable to keep track of various payment methods.
> Service companies without physical inventory.
> Sell products or services online.
> Run complex and widespread global operations.
> Manage a significant volume of daily transactions.
> Suitable for teams of all sizes.

Companies with diversified and complex operations

Specialized retail companies with physical and online stores, possibly operating in-house production and using a range of payment options (cash, instalments, direct bank transfer, credit cards):

> Receive a substantial number of online orders.
> Do not have well-established business processes and are facing challenges in operations.
> Lack proper integration between their website and accounting software.
> Do not use regular accounting reporting.

What clients are not the best fit for advanced accounting?

Advanced accounting may not the best fit for companies which:

> Do not understand how accounting can effectively contribute to their business.
> Do not consider accounting as one of the fundamental supporting pillars in the company.
> View accounting only as a cost and burden.
> Are not willing to wait for a year to see the business effects of process optimization and system integration.
> Are not open to transitioning to a more suitable information system if the current one isn't working out for them.
> Are not willing to change their work practices and methods to improve their business processes.

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Common problems and challenges

Manufacturing companies and online stores commonly face the following challenges when improving business processes and accounting. We can help you overcome them.


Inventory discrepancies

A fundamental requirement for an efficient business is that the inventory recorded in the computer-based system is aligned with the physical inventory.


Inaccurate cost calculations

The accurate calculation of the purchase price is essential for determining the right selling price.


Lack of integration between systems

The absence of automated connections between online stores and accounting software is a common cause for frustration.


Inadequate information system

Companies often use information systems that do not fit the volume and scope of their operations, meaning they are either overly complex or insufficiently supportive.

We believe that the true success of a company begins with inventory organization.

If you deal with inventory or more complex processes, we understand the challenges you face very well. We believe we can be your reliable partner for advanced solutions in accounting, consultancy, or education, enabling greater efficiency, better inventory control, and a deeper understanding of your business environment. 

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